My Company

During the Great Recession I decided to create an opportunity instead of waiting for one to come along.

FlexMarketing Solutions increases brand awareness and sales for clients.The sole purpose of my company, FlexMarketing Solutions, was and is to serve others, by helping to increase  sales and brand recognition.

To me, sales is always about serving others.

I’ve always worked hard to stand beside my clients, and behind our work.

I’ve provided companies and individuals with digital photography, ad creative, websites, marketing collateral, and a whole host of marketing services.

On the sales side of the business, I helped companies streamline their sales procedures, and even helped one client to recruit an international sales force.

While the service selection was vast, I spent most of my time working with others on marketing strategy, personal branding, and social media platforms.  This is where the focus of my company lies today.  We specialize in:

  • Photography
  • Social Media
  • Personal Branding

I’m currently very selective with the projects I accept now,  taking on only projects that I would have a personal passion for.  This is mainly because I’m also focusing on my position as Director of Marketing at DEUTZ Corporation, and on kicking off Project Uncharted.

Be sure to check out the FlexMarketing Solutions website, in order to learn more.

Mobile:  770.378.1510

Going Beyond What is Required.