Journey Taken

Participating with Post Hurricane Katrina ReliefI’ve come to understand that challenges prepare us for the very best of journeys.

Having to face a visible challenge when I was younger, I didn’t always see it that way.

Some would refer to the challenge I faced as a handicap, but from my perspective it was a tool that allowed me to seeing life differently, and with much more clarity, as time as passed.

Because of the adversity I faced growing up, I’ve gained a deeper appreciation for the journey itself – the challenges along the way, as well as the final rewards that may seem illusive at times.

I’ve come to realize that some of the very best attributes in others may take a while to reveal themselves, and that some of life’s most interesting people aren’t always located in the front row, or even up on stage – they may be located in the back of the room, ignored by virtually everyone else.

As a result, I often seek out opportunities that others may simply pass up – volunteering to work with the homeless in Atlanta, working to provide construction equipment to assist with post hurricane relief efforts, teaming up with other people to create a volunteer organization in the place I live, and even much simpler things like coaching and mentoring.

The journey is certainly worth the effort, as long as we’re willing to listen carefully for the stories of others, while creating our own worthy experiences along the way.

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